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Re: Help out with bbPress

Sorry, I missed the discussion of this topic, I am not a developer and so excuse me if I have this wrong … but can I underline what seems to be a missing element across the board of WP/BB/BP products …

    an integrated search facility.

so that a search at the main portal recovers searches from ALL blogs, user pages, forum posts etc.

I say ‘main portal at least’ but I would have a filtered choice at every search bar, e.g. ‘just this user’ versus ‘whole site’.

Without an integrated search facility, without being able to find related content, it is pointless and frustrating. One may as well have a series of unrelated domain names with bespoke softwares and depend on Google. If the whole WP/BB/BP thing is about building community then those communities have to be linked. Without linking there is no community.

I am a great fan of the WP conceptual approach and am desperate to use and have BBpress work. I have been wasting weeks of my life trying repeatedly to make it all work together. It does not at present and it is deeply depressing.

It looks to me that it all needs to be integrated into one single application with the choice to switch on or off parts. That would also allow for the other big omission to be more easily addressed …


Let us not forget that English language users are actually a minority and help up to make our communities multi-racial.

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