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Re: Help out with bbPress




I am glad to hear that an effort is being made into ensuring the continuity (and maturing) of bbPress.

If I could, I would help out a lot where I could. Unfortunately, I’m still in the learning phase with PHP and MySQL. This as I learn by experience.

In the long-term however, I would like to help out as much as I can. I do have a strong taste for interface design, and new ideas.

I’ve always said to myself that forum software seems to be all the same, from brand to brand. Already, bbPress is defying that. bbPress has a lot to offer, and I’d like to extend it somewhat.

In my case, I have released a development community forum ( using bbPress – so that shows one thing. Many people have different purposes for using forum software. With my community (which is still small – it’s new) I wish that it would be more socially interactive. I am in the middle of writing a plugin that will make user-profiles more interactive (ie Status updates, etc). In the long term, I’d like to cater for that kind of thing. Bringing new things into bbPress that don’t seem to exist any any other forum software. Of course, in this case, my idea would only be useful for those using bbPress as a standalone package (ie without integrating it with WPMU and BuddyPress).

I can see that bbPress will ba amazing software one day – competing with the likes on vBulletin and phpBB. If anything, I’d love to be involved with getting it there.

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