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Re: Help out with bbPress

I would be glad to help out in any way I can.

I have an offline monthly fiction writers group I run, who coordinate via a bbPress forum. Administration of that’s been a breeze, and I can think of no better forum software to use. So I’ve had experience simply administering a bbPress installation (admittedly with only a couple of dozen active users).

I’ve been creating custom themes & plugins for bbPress for a while for my own enjoyment, aiming to bend the software into new and interesting places. For instance

  1. making a very “blog-like” theme giving strong emphasis to opening posts with all replies looking like comments & discussion of the opening post
  2. writing and enhanced form of the RSS portion of the site to use bbPress as a super-flexible podcast hosting site generating iTunes compatible feeds
  3. Forum specific theming (a gaming site who wants an “XBox theme” active for certain forums, a “W.o.W theme” in others, etc)
  4. creating a fine-grained access control mechanism for forum/topic/board ownership and read/write privilages (to support separation of gaming forum admin, and multiple podcasters for 2 instances of its use)

Prior to hacking on the bbPress codebase, plugins and themes I lived in WordPress land – themes and plugins – using it for blogs, CMS and podcast hosting.

I write HTML/CSS/PHP for pleasure. Java/XML/etc is the day-job.

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