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Re: Help out with bbPress

Hi Matt,

I am a twenty–something designer who profoundly enjoys creating efficient and elegant websites, with abilities focused in CSS/XHTML, WordPress/bbPress theming and Photoshop. I also have a great interest in writing. My portfolio.

I would like to be part of developing documentation regarding theme functions: something in which WordPress excels at and which further allows designers to work more fluently. As a theme designer I often had to explore bbPress core files looking for functions and their behavior in order to develop a site. This was done mostly through trial and error due to the lack of a function reference document. Then maybe even contributing with more quality themes or a restyle of bbPress while also promoting the development of things like P2 in WordPress to show the range of possibilities of bbPress. As a reference, you might register in this website I created to check how some aspects of bbPress were enhanced through theming (encouraging posting by displaying it more prominently though non obtrusive) for a particular project.

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