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Re: Guests Online in Online List?



I ported GamerZ’s useronline plugin for wordpress to bbpress awhile back. Been meaning to clean it up and release it one day.

It can not only count members and guests but since it keeps a list of the top bots, it can track those seperately. It also tracks where the users are (last browsed). So I have that working across a wordpress/bbpress install.

Actually, knowing my style, I will rewrite it from scratch at some point to work a little cleaner. I don’t like how it discards the data after the timeout period which loses valuable information about the user’s last activity before leaving.

It’s always bothered me that wordpress/bbpress doesn’t even natively track the last time a user logged in, only when the account was originally created, so you can’t even tell how dormant the account is.

I’ll probably bundle this with my ip2country routines so we can have pretty country flags next to member avatars as well as a list of what countries are currently visiting the forum.

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