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Re: Godaddy installation issues



Received the config file. I am guessing that is is actually named bb-config.php. It appears to be correct to me. I’m not certain what is causing your error.

The only time that error should show up is when that variable is not defined. Here’s the code that checks for bb_table_prefix being set:

// Die if there is no database table prefix
if ( !$bb_table_prefix ) {
die( 'You must specify a table prefix in your <code>bb-config.php</code> file.' );

So, for some reason it’s not set or not recognized as being set. Are you certain when you moved the files out of the folder that you moved everything? Since you haven’t installed yet, can you save a copy of your bb-config.php, in case you need it, then just upload everything from the bbpress folder that is unzipped from the download onto the html root of your server (probably right where it is now.)

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