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Re: get_topic_author() but how to get it’s profile link?

Close but still not there. I had to add get_ infront of it in order to work. Now this works AS LONG AS you have no replies on your topic. I wanted to get the authors profile link and not all authors of every reply….

I am making a list of posts on the front page that looks like this:

Topic title – author – postst – last reply by

To get the authors name i use: get_topic_author() this works and if i use:

<?php printf(__('<a href="%2$s">%3$s</a>'), get_user_profile_link($topic->topic_last_poster), get_topic_author()) ?> it works and I get the authors profile link. But as soon as I get a reply, it will show the profile link of the last poster and not the author (while the author name stays correct).

Things like: get_user_profile_link($topic->topic_author), get_topic_author() doesn’t work.

So the author is the topic starter, not the last topic poster


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