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Re: get some trouble …

ok – i’m the keymaster. the username is for example AndyBB.

if i put the var’s to the right thing:

$bb->wp_table_prefix = ‘wp_’;

$bb->wp_home = ‘’; //

$bb->wp_siteurl = ‘’; //

i use the folowing plugin in wp:

bbPress Integration 0.74 -> Michael Adams.

Synchronizes registrations on your bbPress installation with your WordPress blog

in bb:

WordPress Integration 0.7 -> Tightly integrates user accounts between WordPress and bbPress

if i now login into wp, i can use my forum with the same username as i login and this user stands in wp userdatabase NOT in bbpress users.

if i log out, use AndyBB + password – can’t login !!!

if i delete the var’s in config.php, i can login! i see the little admin link.

so – i make a misstake. but i don’t know what it’s wrong.

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