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Re: Gap in images in table



Which gaps are you talking about specifically? I see just one between the header and the forums, maybe. Then maybe between the top and those side images as well.

1. Don’t use tables for layout, use divs if you can.

2. Validate your layout CSS and HTML and fix those problems first. (XHTML needs some work) (CSS is OK)

3. Looks like there was some cutting and pasting going on. The main problem, I think, is that there are tags for two tables there, but the top table (with this image gregjamesforum_01.jpg) is not really marked up as a table. There are no row and table data tags. So, that’s invalid. Then, a new table is started below. That’s why there’s a gap.

I would fix the improper markup and then put everything in one table (if you are going to continue using tables) so there is no gap between the two tables. That’s why there’s a gap beneath that top image right now.

Also, there is nothing in your problem that is specific to bbPress, so you can seek support at any CSS/HTML forum as well if there’s not enough help forthcoming here.

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