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Re: Future of bbPress



It’s great to hear that bbPress has a future, so thanks for informing us, Matt.

At this stage I think it’s important to get bbP integrated better with WP in terms of the theming, and having a select number of WP functions available to it.

Logging in, and profile pages should be brought together. At the moment my integrated site has abandoned WP profiles, because of the forum history, favourites, etc. in bbP.

Sharing of cookies needs to be a single check box option, with none of the faffing around that it currently takes. The login/out form needs to be global.

Two versions of bbP (0.9, and 1.0) is very confusing, particularly when it comes to browsing the plugins. We need some clear direction for plugin writers, since this brings real power and customisation. (twitter login, facebook connect, etc. should all be plugins since not everyone needs these features.)

It may be that bbP needs to stop its standalone status (though, I hear many cries) and focus on its integration with BuddyPress. If someone only wants a forum then they can switch off all the other Buddy features. BuddyPress would then take over all user profile duties and allow easy integration with a single administration area (paying good attention to moderator powers.)


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