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Re: Future of bbPress

Wow, I can’t believe the “Matt” actually wrote back to me. :-)

One of the reasons why I went with WordPress is the strength of the plugins and community. I toyed a bit with Joomla but the interface stinks, and it’s too difficult to use and not pretty behind the scenes. People say that it’s stronger than WordPress and more adaptable but I think WordPress is quickly surpassing it as the defacto blogging/CMS building tool. New users like me can get up and running quickly and it’s fun to use!!! Joomla was nothing but a nightmare, ugly and not enjoyable at all. The people in their community are ok to deal with but many are tech-snobs. Thank you WordPress!!!

Any other information on BBpress is appreciated, including a timeline of features to come and integration. Please give us a peek to what the future holds…

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