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Re: Fulltext searching very slow



Actually, the best thing to do is completely replace the search facility. That’s what I do in Super Search. bbPress’s search is very weak, so weak that there wasn’t even a link to it on any page in 0.9 (it’s similar to WordPress’s search, which also sucks, it’s the ugly truth no one seems to talk about).

I assume you are using the bb-benchmark plugin to watch those queries happen (if not, you should be).

Stupid question but you DO have the mysql cache turned on? I only ask because on many server configs (like CPANEL) it’s turned off by default. What does your my.cnf look like? (do a cat /etc/my.cnf in your shell)

Try going into phpmyadmin (or command line) and test that first test query against adding AND post_text REGEXP ':<:%test%:>:' to the query like so:

SELECT p.*, 0 AS search_score, MAX(post_time) AS post_time FROM bb_posts AS p JOIN bb_topics as t ON ( t.topic_id = p.topic_id ) WHERE p.post_text LIKE '%test%' AND p.post_text REGEXP ':<:%test%:>:' AND p.post_status = '0' AND t.topic_status = '0' GROUP BY t.topic_id ORDER BY p.post_time DESC LIMIT 5;

I suspect in the end due to your huge db size you are going to need to completely replace the search functions with something like this which has a PHP api. Fortunately in bbPress it’s very simple to hook the internal search and bypass it entirely without even template hacks. A quick google shows that a few WordPress plugins have sphinxsearch support so that would be easy to copy over to bbPress. If you find the keyword “sphinxsearch” on this source for example, you can see how it’s done:

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