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Re: Forums as Comment engine?



Yeah for sure, I helped out with the original WordOfRaids back in the day and they do that, but they just manually link to a forum post ( i set up a custom field on WordPress, so they make forum and copy/paste into there).

I’m not against the idea, its just definitely not going to be “off the shelf”; and nor is the original poster’s ideal solution going to be easy to come by (where it all happens automatically, though if you had time and the need it’s v possible).

I sent slightly off topic (big shock) but this sort of thing depends on the usergroup immensely. people who play mmorpgs as an example are used to forums and doing things in front of others; where as say a Classical Music Magazine website/blog’s users might not be really up for entering a forum flame war. Sorry if i gave the wrong impression, I sometimes feel its better to manage expectations a little with bbPress, especially with all the wordPress “as a CMS that can do anything” stuff flying around :D

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