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Re: Forums as Comment engine?


Hey ho!

Perhaps it is just that the forums I participate in (well most of them) and especially the subject specific ones seem to have very disciplined users.

I have seen and heard of the rabble that frequent some other forums probably with many 1000’s of visits per day.

The specific site I’m developing (redeveloping) currently has 100-200 per day and has been pretty constant for years – it is a fairly close and insular community that is not there to take over the web

It has outgrown the current coding which has proved difficult to maintain, has evolved through several programmers and is unmanageable. Taking PmWiki and bbPress “off the shelf” has enabled the regeneration of the site in the manner intended with, so far, only minor but resolvable hiccups.

Both products meet the needs of being lightweight and easy to use with minimal implementation effort. Even if the documentation of bbPress leaves much to be desired – unless it is hidden away somewhere I’m yet to find.

The problem I have with wordpress is much like the problem I have with Microsoft products- They start out simple and easy to use with minimal functionality then bloat into leviathans that are full of functionality that is neither required or in line with the way users are used to doing things.

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