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Re: Forums as Comment engine?


Sorry I’m late to this topic but what you are asking sounds very similar to what I was asking here

It seems as if I differ with @kevinjohngallagher’s interpretation of what users and communities want from their forum/blog/wiki/crm solution ;)

However what you seem to be looking for is very similar to what we have decided on PmWiki+bbPress

We voted firmly against wordpress as a product mainly because

1. It has become dreadfully bloated

2. It is difficult to customise (partly as a result of 1)

3. It is a blog (a time driven format) conversation centered around one individual and un-managed comments from visitors. Typically “this is my opinion” followed by “I agree” comments.

I would also steer fairly clear of IP.Board and IP.Blog it is very much under development and considering it is a commercial product is very expensive for what it does.

I feel that someone with a basic knowledge of worpress should be able to add a similar button form to wp code to allow a “Forum This” from wordpress.

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