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Re: Formating with wpmu theme

Your HTML has improved. This is your current structure of major div elements:

div id="wrap"
div header [1]
div header [2]
div wrap [x]
div right
div sidebar
div content
div hottags
div discussions
div footer

You have two div elements with id wrap. IDs should always be unique, and the second one, marked with [x], is empty anyway so you can go ahead and delete it. You also have duplicate headers. The content of header [2] should be the only thing in header [1]. Div sidebar should be at the same level as div header is, not a child element. You can also delete the div right, as it’s kind of pointless.

Div footer should not be in content. It should be on the same level, not as a child. That should fix some problems with it, too. You can take out both float: left; and display: inline; in the CSS file for div content – they seem to cancel each other out, and floating it is unnecessary anyway and could come back to bite you later.

Your main problems in IE seem to be (seem, I don’t have dev tools for it) that major wrap is not centered and that content is just wide enough to conflict with sidebar. Slowly decrement the width of content and test if that makes it work. I am surprised it’s not centered in IE7, I’m fairly sure that the CSS margin: 0 auto; worked. However, to center it in IE6, you need to add the text-align: center; property to the wrap element (in CSS). To counter the effect this has on text, you need to add text-align: left; to header, sidebar and content.

When logged in, the div class post at the very bottom of the sidebar is not closed. You can just get rid of it I think. You are also using li elements for your Private Message Manager and Community Forum links, without actually having opened a ul or ol for them, which would probably cause problems so just remove the li tags.

That’s a start, anyway. Try it and we’ll see if it’s fixed anything.

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