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Re: Forcing Password Reset (not *don't want to*)

@nuprn1; Could you show exactly what you did please? I’m on, and would prefer a password reset and notification if someone changes their email. As well as security, it’s because some of the users on one forum I built have no idea what they’re doing on a PC. They’ve given me wrong emails for Admin registrations, and done all sorts of things which make me realise that they may break their email at some later stage too.

A plugin for this would be good, if it can be done fairly easily, though I don’t mind hacking my core files as 0.9 upgrades will probably be few and far between in the future.


Just had another thought. The forum in question will only have around 60 – 70 members once fully used, as it’s for a small service provider who restrict access. I could just disable the email field in the profile I guess, and let them email or PM me to change it if they want to. Any ideas on this folks..?

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