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Re: first step > Integration with WordPress

Don’t spank me, but..I had tried doing this Integration stuff, and some how deleted those two usermeta tables at the very top of the database list, the two that sit above all the other ones, listed in the main wordpress database…

Dang, I should have written the names down.. But, deleted those bb_forums ones too.. and then when trying to do it fresh again, for the Integration deal.. I filled out the field for the Keymaster name, and forum name.. hit to go to second step.. and it said, Bad Username, or, Username don’t exist, go back and try again…

Then I was basically forced to skip the Integration option, and do it the normal way sigh.. =( Anyone have a database (query) schema for those two tables I deleted? Or, maybe can shed some light onto my darkened room.. ?

Thanks in advanced..


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