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Re: First pass at a fix for “deep” integration in trunk

John James Jacoby


Thanks for the response and it clarifies all of my questions.

Regarding nonces, the catch twenty-two with them would be if logging in and logging out of either/or BBP or WP don’t both affect both, or if adequate traps aren’t placed to disallow one or the other.

Example is visible at my live test site If you’d like to try this, register yourself and use the invite code “bbpress”. (Registering makes you a WP contributor, and I need to assign your membership role in the BBP admin manually as of right now.)

When you’re in the forums, the logout link won’t work, because the login through WP generates a nonce that BBP doesn’t know and can’t find. Because the nonces are by design different, if I login through WP and try to logout through BBP, WP will pitch a fit without the correct nonce. Make sense or am I off track here?

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