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Re: First pass at a fix for “deep” integration in trunk

Sam Bauers


OK, this is fixed in trunk now. Just a stupid error on my part in a new function.

I’ll see if it’s possible to re-release the 1.0-alpha-3 or maybe just bump up to 1.0-alpha-4.


Thanks for your investigations. “Deep” integration is just there to allow you to use WP functions inside bbPress, you still need to setup cookie and user database integration separately.

There is no way (that I know of) to get bbPress functions inside WordPress. It may “just work” now because of recent changes, but I’m definitely drawing the line there in terms of what we support. bbPress Live should mature further to provide the display of all manner of bbPress data inside WordPress via XML-RPC.

The idea of bbPress running as a plugin is an interesting one, and I’ve thought about it before. It would be a hefty plugin though. I would be interested in seeing a plugin that kind of loaded bbPress like a library and allowed that sort of level of integration, but again, it would be basically loading all of bbPress inside WordPress. Generally, I think we have a stronger foundation as a stand-alone product rather than a plugin and if we can make integration easier by various means then there shouldn’t be a need for it.

The nonce keys don’t need to be shared thankfully – I almost screamed when I saw those added to WordPress.

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