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Re: First pass at a fix for “deep” integration in trunk


The login forms don’t pass around nonce values generally, so it should be of no concern.

What happens as of right now is that the role map you setup in the admin area only gets applied to new registrations either when you save the changes on that role map form or when the new WordPress user who is missing the role in bbPress logins in through bbPress.

On your site as it is right now this never occurs because you force all logins through WordPress. Just now in trunk I have changed that so that just visiting the bbPress site with a valid cookie will set your role in bbPress.

I suspect that all the problems with loging out in your case are going to come down to having a bunch of stuff manually set in your wp-config.php and bb-config.php

Here’s what I think you should do…

  1. Update bbPress to the latest trunk version
  2. Remove any hardcoded settings in bb-config.php and wp-config.php WRT integration
  3. Install this brand spanking new plugin (get the trunk version for the moment)
  4. Recheck your integration settings in bbPress – don’t hardcode anyting into bb-settings.php
  5. Configure that plugin in WordPress
  6. Copy the wp-settings.php lines specified in that plugin to wp-config.php (probably only one line for you)

Let us know how that goes.

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