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Re: file attachments….



Finally a thread to use this page I was saving:

Matt doesn’t want bbpress to have features.

He actually recommends punbb if you want more features like file attachments.

[bbpress] is never going to have a tenth of the features of phpBB or vBulletin … bbPress is not going to have avatars, or put post counts next to your name

What he wants is pingbacks so a million spammers, er, I mean a million micro-forums, can add posts to your site without ever visiting it or following topics. He wants to de-centralize any sense of community.

(if you don’t get my humour, I disagree with his logic but don’t get me wrong I still respect him – bbpress is growing on me far more than punbb – also note that punbb is at least a year older than bbpress and has far more developers – bbpress has not even approached any kind of critical mass yet – punbb does not have built in private-messaging, polls and file attachments either)

ps. compare

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