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Re: Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp()

well what happened at :

it is up and running!!!!!

did you reinstalled wordpress? and bbPress??

well i am facing similar problem i used wordpress 2.8.2 and bbpress 1.0.2,

similar error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp() in /……./wp-blog-header.php on line 18

it has shifted to line 18 because i did functions integration

earlier bbPress was running but not the wordpress, after doing this Functions integration bbPress too started showing a warning about this require_once(‘path/to/wp-blog-header.php’); and a fatal error.

but then i removed the function require_once(‘path/to/wp-blog-header.php’); and now i have bbPress up and running, earlier there was a SECURE AUTH cookie salt mismatch which i changed, but i didn’t solve the problem with wordpress install, earlier while installing bbPress, i checked wordpress config file it had three cookie keys and salts weren’t there so i defined 70 letter long strings with the characters





true wordpress keys don’t have these special characters

could these be the cause of the problem?

or filling in a wrong key at installtion process could have done it,

i don’t think defining a new salt key could have initiated all this

i have two wordpress MU installs and bbPress works well with them.

why problems with standard wordpress maybe character support?????????

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