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Re: Fatal Error?

Chris: Although my forum is working right now. It is not doing what I want it to do. Let me explain what I want to accomplish and then my current setup. I have 1&1 shared hosting.

I would like to be directly forwarded to the forum. Meaning if I type it goes to the forum’s main page.

Right now (the only way I made everything work) is just at the root folder and displays nothing (the 403 error because there is now index in the main root directory). The forum is at /forums and works. But i have to type

The config file was setup for

inside /forums/ you find the bb-admin and folders etc. Basicly I renamed bbpress as forums and installed it from there.

The problem is that is I forward the domain to either the /forums/ directory or do an HTTP forward. It does not work. It messes everything up. I am clearly doing something wrong. I can’t understand shared hosting. ahhhhhhhhh. Please help me. Buy you a latte.

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