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Re: Failing miserably at porting theme

This is how I’m doing it. Please, this is not the official how to on this.


COPY Kakemi theme into my-template. Open Style.css and change this line, Theme Name: Kakumei

I changed it to Theme Name: Kakumei (Edited Theme)

Activate it, you’ll see Kakumei’s screen shot but Kakumei (Edited Theme) as it’s name.

Then open style.css of the Edited Theme and open the CSS of the WordPress theme. Their might be multiple css so look out. I make a line in the style.css at the bottom.

/*********************** WPTHEME *******************

Then start with Header.php and footer.php start copying over the codes from WP theme to BBpress theme. Slowly start looking at the classes it that the header uses and start bringing in the codes from the WP to BBpress CSS. BEWARE some of them uses the same class! so rename the WP one not the BBpress one!!! You will have to replace all the div tags and such. The only one I recommend to keep in the header is the <div id="main"> at the end. The same with the footer. but remember to put an extra </div> on the top to cover the <div id="main"> in the header. Start with that. If you can get the hang of it then you’ll be able to continue.

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