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Re: Fail to make BBpress Live working

Minor gotcha’? The bbPress blog must have XML-RPC enabled in it's settings I was going to install this to take a peek but I see someone suggested that their site hung. I’m on this ice with my host (WPMu :D )and can’t risk it just now…

I remember that there was much drama trying to authenticate with Flikr API via XML-RPC… It required a .htaccess file at the domain root with: `<Files xmlrpc.php>

SecFilterInheritance Off


Of course, the ‘Use XML’-thingy setting in the WP Admin/settings needs to be enabled too…

Fingers crossed…

I must say that I’m afraid of my shadow when it comes to turning off security filters to get something to work, especially since there was a recent thread on these forums about deleting that file altogether!

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