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Re: Extreme Database Help– I'm an Idiot

Luckily my system administrator makes automatic backups of the databases, so he just dropped all of the tables and then restored my database from about a day before. After a lot of research, I found it was basically impossible to restore the affected tables without a backup because not only did it change a lot of stuff I didn’t understand with some of the columns and the index of the posts table, but it changed every single “post_status” entry to “0” instead of what they should be– “publish,” “draft,” and etcetera. Anyway, things were really messed up.

My advice to anyone who has a similar problem and comes across this post is:

A.) Look before you leap! Go over your settings many times before installing!

B.) Backup the databases regularly and especially when installing or upgrading!

Thank you, crishajer, for your help. I greatly appreciate the time you took. Again, thank heaven for sysadmins with more sense than site administrators! :)

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