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Re: ETA of bbPress 1.0 ?

Well, basically I’m not sure how much more time it’s going to take to get things right for the final 1.0 release.

I could set a date, but then if it wasn’t met there’d be a whole new set of expectations and complaints to manage.

bbPress 1.0 will be released after the “1.0-rc” (release candidate) versions, which will come after the “1.0-beta” versions which will come after the current “1.0-alpha” versions.

Basically there is still very new or experimental stuff in the 1.0-alpha releases. Once that newer functionality is tied down we’ll be able to move to 1.0-beta which should only contain cosmetic changes and optimisations. Then once those are complete we’ll move to 1.0-rc, during which we will generally only do bug fixes. Once the bugs are ironed out, we’ll go to a final 1.0 release. Hopefully the minor point releases can be kept to a minimum after that.

How long is that piece of string? Maybe one maybe two months. It actually depends on people testing more than anyone coding, although if we can get more people contributing patches to core it would be great too.

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