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Re: Errors in install.php line 10 and functions.php line 1898

Hi Chrishajer!!!

You were right!! I had 2 blank lines after ?> and now I have NO Warnings, can Log Out, and log in, but….

But, I can´t post. I mean, I go to the write new post screen, write a post and after send it, I get an Error 404 File not found on path..foro/topic/6?replies=1#post-6.

The funny thing , is that if I go to the genereal forum , I can see the subject of the post that I couldn´t send!!!. If I try to read it, again file not found on…foro/topic/6?replies=1


EDIT: I have check my site, and I don´t have the folder /foro/forum/1 neither /foro/topic/

It´s supposed that those folder are created by the program, but Where they gone?

You can check the forum at:

Thanks in advance!

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