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Re: Error on installation 'oh dear! BB press is already installed'

Same… I’ve tried for the last hour to get the install to work…

Everything seems to integrate fine and it says “what are you waiting for” i finish the install and it says it installed with some errors…

I’ve cleared the tables 2 times and completely deleted the database once and every time at the end of the install i get this – Oh dear! bbPress is already installed.

I did what one of the threads said, which was to add dummy data to the forum table and then it loaded the forum, but i had no access to the admin section, could not log out and could not create any new posts, it just showed the dummy forum and me as logged in and that was it… SO I’ve uninstalled the database again and will try again tomorrow I guess… Bummer, cuz i was really hoping to have a forum tied into my wordpress site…

I’m too tired to post the details now and must go to bed, but if I run into this issue again tomorrow I’ll post here again all the details…

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