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Re: Error messages with bbPress and WP’s WP_CACHE


OK then, you really need to upgrade.

Here’s how I would do it…

  1. De-integrate cookies, clear out all cookie settings in bbPress/WordPress including hardcoded ones in configs with the exception of you secret keys (BB_AUTH_KEY and friends)
  2. Upgrade to the latest Trunk of bbPress
  3. Upgrade to the latest release of the bbPress Integration plugin
  4. Clear all relevant cookies in your browser
  5. Setup integration in WordPress first, go to the admin panel for the plugin – use the settings it gives you to use in your wp-config.php file
  6. Setup integration in bbPress second, if the plugin in WordPress tells you to add a special constant to bb-config.php, do that now too. You’ll need to login to bbPress separately at this stage. Only enter settings into the admin, don’t try to add anything back into your bb-config.php except that one line from the WordPress plugin
  7. Now you should be good to go again, clear your browser cookies and try various ways to login and logout

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