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Re: Dropping “MultiViews” support?

On Multiviews: Never heard of it until I first installed bbPress. If mof_rewrite would work out of the box (i.e.: if bbPress would create the file or dump the necessary content) I wouldn’t need MultiViews.

Here is one aspect I’d like to through in: URL Customization/Localization.

When localizing URLs, it’s very easy to do this via editing of mod_rewrite rules. All my bbPress installations are in german language, thus I want german URLs.

When changing the wording in URLs, e.g. from “forum” to “board” or “topic” to “idea” etc., same thing – just edit the rewrite rules.

How easy would it be to customize URLs with MultiViews in effect? Without having looked into the implementation, I would guess that it requires code changes.

If URL customization is easier in mod_rewrite, please drop MultiViews. Otherwise, please document how URL customization can be done using MultiViews.

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