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Hey, thanks for the feedback. The fact that I almost have just a css file on “my-templates” is also a big compliment to the work done on bbPress and its markup.

fel: Thanks! Glad you like it. I agree with you on the colours. Actually, I began with only black, green and white, but somehow I just felt there where too many “greens” around (damaging the overall mood), so I grew tired of it and dropped some blue into the mix. But you certainly have a point on link-colour coherence. I’ll be looking on that. Thanks for the thumbs-up!

ganzua: Absolutely. The translation of “tags” is almost meaningless in Spanish. I often go for “categorías” instead of “tags”, and put “secciones” instead of “categories”. But for this forum I just put the translation files and didn’t touch anything…

And I have to thank back to the bbPress team for the simplicity of their work. It is a pleasure to “design” on it.

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