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Re: Display bbpress on wordpress page (inside the blog)




Ipstenu made some great points, to show you the thoughts of someone with a different perspective. While you might not see his point of view, he was kind enough to lay out his view point for you.

As much as Ipstenu and _ck_ are making generalisations, so are you. You have no proof that “the majority” want what you want. You keep using the phrase “the majority” to back up your points, and while i mostly agree with your premise, i’m not overly confident that randomly adding in your guess on how many people might possibly maybe agree with you is helpful.

“the majority” is the same as “deep integration will crush a shared server if you get a surge in visitors”, there’s not facts or figures, just someone’s massive assumption, laid out to attempt to prove a point.

Ipstenu is wrong about integration not being mentioned on this site, it’s on the homepage (, the about page ( and on the documentation page ( and this is what confuses people who are new to BBpress. But, every time someone mentions it, it’s shot down.

And yes, while using an iFrame is a hack, hacks are far from uncommon in the web industry, let alone wordpress or BBpress. Making things work has always been the way websites have been built, and while i understand and support your desire for a different method, there’s very little need for the ‘OMG’ simply because you dont like the solution presented (not to mention, i think very few 13 year old girls read this website so wont be too impressed ;-] ).

There’s loads of things wrong with BBpress, and many are trying to work to make it better. Getting up tight becuase you dont like a solution or because you want others to code a better one for you isn’t going to make BBpress a better fit for you. Take a deep breath my friend.


p.s. And if you were using an iFrame back in 1995 then my hats off to you, as Microsoft didn’t invent them until 2 years in later, so kudos for driving that delorian up to 88 miles an hour and going back in time to work as a microsoft dev in building IE 4.


_ck_: “If you don’t know what I know about bbPress it just means you are lazier than me”

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