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Re: Discriminate content depending on BBPress or WP


First of all, thanks for all your help with getting this all straightened out. I’ve gotten a lot done thanks to your help alone.

As for the 1 header approach, maybe I am creating a “complexity by simplicity” approach, and if what you are saying is correct, then I’m probably better just making the wp side have a wp header, and the bb side have a bb header. I guess I just thought in the long run it would be simpler and more effective to have one-size-fits-all header with the necessary bb code and wp code being selected only when it was needed. That was before now, when I just assumed that since you could call wp code in bbpress, that you could also just as easily call bb code in wordpress.

So, I will create a second, separate header file for bbpress, and I will see where that takes me in this process. Thanks for your help with this. I hope my reasoning at least makes sense now, even though it is probably faulty reasoning at that.


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