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Re: Delete Post by It’s Owner

sorry to raise an old topic from the dead, but I think I have found a significant problem with the current version…

If you try to post an empty reply in a topic, you are met with a message saying ‘You need to actually submit some content!’ and bbpress won’t let you reply.

However, if you edit a post, and delete all the information from inside, you can resubmit the post as a completely empty reply, because the filter for new replies does not work for edits.

And because there is no delete post function for normal users, some of my users have been doing this to remove their posts.

This means there are blank replies in some topics, which have to be manually found and removed by moderators!

I suggest there are two possible solutions

1) Allow users to delete their own posts, but within a certain time limit, I don’t want users deleting posts they made 2 months ago!


2) Have the empty-post filter work for post-edits as well as for brand new posts.

How can I make the edit-post function call the same minimum-character filter as the new post function??

Is it possible to mod the above post-delete plugin to include a time-limit on deleting posts (as found in phpbb)?

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