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Re: del Sol Owners Club

John James Jacoby


Yeah some of my users haven’t updated their profiles, and BuddyPress doesn’t recognize them until either they do, or I force the info (which I will probably do.)

@TeddyC, it took me installing WordPressMU 4 times before I followed the instructions correctly, and I’d recommend not doing it on Valentines weekend so your girlfriend doesn’t hate you for a few days, but otherwise I think it went as smoothly as it could considering I migrated 200 users from over to MU. There’s a few places where I had to trial and error my way through the multi-blog switchover and the URL re-writing still isn’t perfect (categories and postnames are broken?) and I had to manually dump the DB and replace all the directory references for all of the uploaded media.

Otherwise the rest was just tweaking and tinkering. Lots of it. :)

I’ve got the forums FULLY integrated now with BuddyPress, so single account access, cookies, and users are able to post to group forums from within the group itself, and vice versa. It’s a neat little bridge and I rather like that it’s all playing nice. Hopefully upgrading to 1.0 or new alpha’s doesn’t TOTALLY break everything too badly, although I anticipate that it probably will. Yay! :D

I am going to be using BuddyPress to do a small social networking site for a non profit, that is going to be incorporating some school related content, so I will let you know how that goes and be sure to stay in touch as it progresses. I’ll link back to it here if we decide to incorporate bbPress.

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