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Re: definitions needed for translation work

Yah, chrishajer nailed it!

One of the weirdest adjustments for me using bbPress was figuring out the difference between posts and topics:

* A topic is what bbPress calls the entire thread/discussion.

* A post is what bbPress calls each individual piece of content in the topic – whether it be the first post creating the thread, or a comment on it.

So for example, a newly created thread would count as one topic and one post. If someone comments on it, then it becomes one topic with two posts.

If you ever want to calculate the number of comments per topic, you have to subtract out the first post from the number of posts. So for example, suppose a thread/topic had 12 posts. That actually means that it has one post that started it off, and 11 comments.

At least, that’s how I parse all of this! Good luck with the translations!

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