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Re: Dashboard left bar menu not displaying in IE

I’m having the exact same issue too, although I’m using bbpress 1.0.2. IE6 it’s missing, FF 3.x works.

From what I’ve gathered, its an issue with #bbAdminMenu negative margin in the bb-adminstyle.css file.

I can’t seem to figure anything out that fixes it (I can get it to show, but formatting is awful) and I really don’t want to have to dive into the actual markup.

Edit: Just found a solution/hack

Due to the IE6 double margin bug, you’ll need to do a little css hacking. In bb-adminstyle.css:

add: _margin-left: -83px; to ul#bbAdminMenu {…}

add: _margin-left: -25px; to ul#bbAdminMenu{…}

note the ‘_’ before the css. this is for IE6 to read it but no other browser as far as I know.

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