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Re: Customizing Profile Fields



@ghengisyan: “I have been messing with the php files (mostly guessing)” – that’s my methodology too! Seems to be working though, as I’ve managed to do some more than I thought I would, with the help of online PHP tutorials.

An Extra Profile Fields plugin would be pretty neat. When I was testing Vanilla 1.8, that was one of the things I liked about it. At the bottom of the profile page is an empty ‘name’ field and a matching ‘content’ field. You add what you want, then click a link to add another, etc. It means users can customise the extra information they enter, and I think it feels more personal to them as they get to name the content field. Feeling that it’s more personal is bound to make people stick around I think.

@johnbillion: I found the filter at line 2201 of functions.php in, but have no idea how to use it. If you have a few minutes spare sometime, could you perhaps give us some hints, and a brief snatch of code?

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