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Re: Customize or arguments for topic_page_links? (repost)



Marina, in the front-page.php template file, you can change topic_page_links() to topic_pages($topic->ID) and get the topic page links with the … in the middle (shows just beginning and ending pages.)

You still have a problem when there is a long topic title that fills the space for that table cell. You could put a new row beneath the topic, on the front page, so all the topic page links are in a row beneath the topic title. In fact you could do that with the topic_page_links() as well and not use the other function. You might want to test if there *are* topic page links before creating a new row, otherwise you’d have a blank row if there are no page links.

You could also do this in your CSS:

#front-page #discussions td {
white-space: nowrap;

But that would just make the cell not wrap, which will just break the layout further.

You could do this:

#front-page #discussions td {
overflow-x: hidden;

But that just hides whatever won’t fit. That’s not a good solution.

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