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Re: current bbpress support forum template – time for update?

yay, now it works completely as a plugin without having to modify a template in several places! thank you.

it’s interesting, I’ve tried to change echo output to:

echo apply_filters('post_time', _bb_time_function_return( $time, $args ));

but that gave me post time in the following format: 2007-07-19 00:00:00

I would never get it myself that I should apply_filter() with a bogus (new, not used) tag (like ‘tpl_post_time’).

topic_class() is called in the template just before topics list displayed (* is a typo).

yes, I’m not giong to modify a core –> could possibly be a trouble on upgrade etc, I see.

much better would be to submit a patch to post_time() ;-)

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