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Re: current bbpress support forum template – time for update?

> Probably better to say that not all functions have _hooks_ or _filters_, since pluggable refers to them being overwritable with another function (see bb-includes/pluggable.php). :)

oh, yes right you are, thanks for pointing that out!

so, evidently post_time() just doesn’t have a hook to callback our custom filter. I failed to modify it by the proper way.

fel, could you please show me how it should be modified to have an apply_filter hook?


couldn’t get the subtle difference between ‘filters’ and ‘actions’:

> *Actions* Your plugin can respond to the event by executing a PHP function, which might do one or more of the following:

Modify what is displayed in the browser screen (admin or end-user)

> *Filters* are functions that WordPress passes data through, at certain points in execution, just before taking some action with the data (such as adding it to the database or sending it to the browser screen).

which filter or action for instance could be added to the topic_class*() if any?

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