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Re: Creating a community…….



> First question am I at a good starting place with

> to create an online community?

Yes, it’s fine software for an online community.

> Am I still in the right starting place if my community

> needs the capability to upload and manage/organize photos?

IMO, no. There is no provision for uploading, managing and organizing photos built into bbPress.

> I want the community to be very user controled. Meaning

> I would like the members to have allot of control over their

> profiles. Template, colour schemes etc…

Also, no. bbPress, IMO, is not set up to allow that level of control over the user’s profiles.

> I would also like this community to become very friendly

> for advertisers.

There’s nothing inherently good or bad about bbPress as far as advertising goes. There are a few themes with Google Adsense space built into them already. Other sorts of advertising would be equally easy.

There’s also an Adsense plugin:

> My main focus is getting the community started. Does

> sound like a good starting place?

bbPress is great for community building and it’s lightweight and easy to use. It will not be the solution for you for photo sharing though. You might consider bbPress for your forum, and another package for managing and sharing photos, similar to the way that a lot of users here use WordPress for their site and bbPress for their forums.

I wish you luck.

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