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Re: Created A New Forum – But Profile View/EDIT Not working



Yes, probably. You can see if that’s the problem by logging in as keymaster and going to the Admin section, then Settings > General (sometimes this is the URL Once there, change “Pretty Permalink Type” to “None” and then try your forum. If your forum is usable after that, then yes, it’s because bbPress is trying to use permalinks, but you have not set up the .htaccess file with rewrite rules.

You can create the rewrite rules by accessing this URL in your forum:

Now, take the output from that browser window and paste it into a .htaccess file in the forum root (/home/web/htdocs/whatever/wat2/.htaccess) on your server. Once that’s done, change the permalink setting back to one of the other two options (Numeric or Name based) and then try accessing topics and the profile page in your forum.

(I don’t recommend the Options +MultiViews line, but that does work for some people instead of creating the rewrite rules in the browser). Be sure you’re logged in as keymaster before you try to access or it won’t work.

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