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Re: Create a new Custom Page (Like WordPress)?

Ok, this is the solution that worked for me. I did have to add the rewrite rule, as multiviews isn’t working on my server??? (I think I’m running on php4, is that why?) So, for others who want a wal-mart type bb build ;) here’s a recap of what I did:

I created a page in my bbpress root called contest.php. Inside of that page I put:

bb_load_template( 'contest.php' );

I then created my contest.php page with the content I needed (the template)

The last thing I did was to put these two lines in my .htaccess file IN MY FORUM ROOT FOLDER, (not my wordpress root folder):

RewriteRule ^contest/$ /forum/contest.php [L,QSA]
RewriteRule ^contest$ /forum/contest.php [L,QSA]

This basically says that (without the trailing backslash)

and (with the trailing backslash)

will both point to the contest.php page in the root forum directory.

As so1o said, this last part in .htaccess may be unnecessary if you have multiviews enabled (if your .htaccess file in your FORUM directory has this line: “Options +MultiViews”). Maybe someone else can confirm/deny this, as my configuration is different.

Hope this helps someone else who needs some custom functionality out of bbpress.

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