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Re: Create a new Custom Page (Like WordPress)?


thanks for the idea. I would probably prefer to do this. However, I have a few bbpress functions being called in the code on the page, and though I could probably dig about and find out how to replace it with wp code, it was not the most pleasant thought. I figured I’d just throw a page up on the bbpress side, and have it resolve at a as is common with wordpress. I found out how to take care of this…I achieved this by adding two lines in the .htaccess file…

RewriteRule ^contest/$ /forum/contest.php [L,QSA]
RewriteRule ^contest$ /forum/contest.php [L,QSA]

I’m not trying to start a battle here, but I think your response, Null, might be a bit short-sighted and aggressive. After all, if I feel my software needs a static page, that may just be what it in fact does need.

I agree with bbolman that this would probably be more efficiently handled by wordpress. However, since bbpress is still in it’s infancy, and it’s not integrated fully yet with wordpress, (this is my way of trying to sound like I’m not a completely right-brained individual), I think it’s fair to say that these decisions aren’t so cut and dried. Anyway, I appreciate the responses all the same, and will post any further findings here…

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