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Re: Cookies (staying logged in between wp and bb)

Hah! I won’t quit so easily, even if it simple for users to log in twice… but, how annoying!

There is certainly something wrong with the cookie… but I’ve got the right wp cookie hash, and verified that bbpress picks it up naturally. I’ve got the secret keys with really simple text strings (for now), so I know they’re OK. I’ve verified the wp database secret is correct in the bbpress install. I’ve got COOKIE_DOMAIN defined as ‘’, and COOKIEPATH and SITECOOKIEPATH set as ‘/’ in my wp-config. I’ve got all 13 bb-> items listed in the 101 set correctly in my bb-config, with cookiedomain set to ‘’, and cookiepath and sitecookiepath set to ‘/’. My blog is in the web root folder ( and the forum is in a subfolder ( My blog was established before bbpress was installed.

This must be something simple, and I’m just so frustrated that I’m missing it. Do I have to do something different with the cookie path – i.e. define it as the subfolder or something??

Thanks for any help!

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