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Re: Cookies (staying logged in between wp and bb)



Ok, I followed the steps. It’s still not working for me. I log in at my forum, then go to my blog, and it will say “please log in again” so it’s like it recognizes that I logged in at the forum, because it’s saying please log in again, meaning, we know you were logged in, but, now you’re not anymore so log in again.

Having said all of that… I also did the backwards integration. I had the bbpress forum, then later got wordpress. I also did the “full” integration method which you (_ck_) do not recommend. But, the damage is done. I’m not going to uninstall and re-install anything… it is what it is.

My members will just have to log in at my forum, and if they want to log into my blog, they’ll just have to enter in their username and password again, it’s not going to kill them, it takes an extra 5 seconds. So, I’m not worried about it anymore. At least my members can use the same username and password.

I’m going to call this topic resolved. Because I got my answer. Since I did the backwards full integration method, the ability to stay logged in, isn’t going to work, unless I pay a professional to fix it.

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