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Re: Cookies (staying logged in between wp and bb)

Hello! I am having the same problem. I have successfully integrated my blog (wp2.5) with bbpress ( using a single database and I even tweaked the theme to match my blog (woo-hoo!). However, even after following all the steps listed in the Integration-101 post (which was very helpful for integration, btw), I am having problems with cross-platform cookie-based login.

I can log in to my blog, yet I’ll navigate to the forum and not be logged in. I can then log into the forum, yet navigate to the blog and I’ll be logged out back there. They’re obviously connected, since logging into one affects the other… and the user data is pulled from a single database.

The bbpress settings all looked right from the admin panel and successfully found the information from installation so I tried manually setting the options (as described in the 101) in wp-config and bb-config – both ways, I get the same result. Logging into one kicks me out of the other.

Any ideas? I’ve been plunking around for hours with this, and it seems like it should be something very simple. You can see the live site here:

TIA for any help you can provide!

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